Fairy posters

It is a natural demand for everybody to have a liveable home which gives a pleasant atmosphere. For a mother it is very important that a wonderful baby room waits for her future baby. The beautiful furniture is not enough to make the baby world truly complete. The bare walls seem bleak but the colourful decorations change the baby rooms into fairyland. Tale episodes painted directly on the walls look nice and determine the atmosphere of a room for a long time. In contrast to the wall paintings decoration with fairy posters is much more practical and it is very easy to vary and change them.

By the colourful illustrations of Emese Cs. Gyenes the fantasy world of fairy tales will move into the baby room. Choose and order from these fairy posters and moulds, with which you can not only decorate your baby’s room.

The colourful posters are available in sizes 50cm×50cm, 50×40 cm, and 50cm×70cm, which are covered with bright foil. The posters are durable and easy to clean them. Choose from them for your pleasure.

You can even decorate your home and surprise your family and your friends with artistic prints by Emese Cs. Gyenes, which are made of her original works of art. These numbered artistic prints, picture postcards, greeting cards are made of real hand-made papers at Mátyás Vincze Paper Mill ( vinczematyas@gmail.com ; http://www.mepmeritettpapir.hu )

You can order right now by filling in the order-form and e-mail to us.

Bring joy to your family or your friends with these fairy posters and artistic print.

Within Hungary tge posters and artistic print will be sent to you by Hungarian Post by cash on delivery. Packaging and postal charges are not included in the posters\' price. Package cost is 300 HUF/parcel. Delivery cost is 1490 HUF per parcel within Hungary.

In case of a non-Hungarian order, we can deliver your parcel after you\' ve transferred the overall costs (including price of the products, packaging and postal charges) to our bank account (10103551-05917751-00000009). After you have placed your order, we will send you a confirmation e-mail about the exact amount you have to transfer. After you have arranged the transfer and the correct amount has arrived we will send you the posters immediately. Your consignment will be delivered by Hungarian Post (www.posta.hu, www.mpl.hu) as an international parcel. Postal charges depend on weight and distance. Packaging cost is 2 Euro/parcel.

To make sure your parcel is delivered to the proper address, please give all your requested details correctly. It is also important to give your details right, so that we can inform you by e-mail in case of any emerging problem.

Should you not received your order in a week, please let us know by e-mail or phone!

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